Natural Damele Turquoise Bracelet

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  • Natural Damele Turquoise BraceletNatural Damele Turquoise Bracelet


    Price: $399.00

    Size: 5.75

    Stone: Damele

    Artist: James Curley, Navajo

    Natural Damele Turquoise Bracelet

    This is Damele turquoise, a cousin of Number 8 in the mineral gemstone realm, but with a much more concentrated pattern of dark veinwork, and only suggestions of a pale blue green backfield. The stone is irregular cut, framed in sterling silver rope braid. This has been mounted onto a medium weight brightly polished band fashioned in a raised center ridge design. Open the small images for the side views.                      

    Bracelet size- 5.75

    Stone size- 13x16mm

    Bandwidth- 3/8”

    *One of a Kind!

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