Kingman Stabilized Earrings

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  • SK-RB-269-1E512

    Price: $269.00

    Size: Details Below

    Stone: Kingman stabilized

    Artist: Ruth-Ann-Begay

    Kingman Stabilized Earrings

    Two beautifully matched triangular stones of Kingman stabilized, which might be described as flawless, although flaws are what can give turquoise its distinctive beauty; but these earrings are perfect with their briliant blue fields totally uninterrupted by any mineral matrix intrusion. The stones are framed in an array of sterling silver spheres—the top one of which is attached to double rings for dangle motion.

    Earring dangles 1 5/8” with French wire

    Earring size- ½” x 1”

    Stone size- 10x17mm

    One of a Kind!

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