Kingman Stabilized Ring

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  • Kingman Stabilized RingKingman Stabilized Ring


    Price: $336.00

    Size: 11.5

    Stone: Kingman stabilized

    Artist: Randy-and-Etta-Endito

    Kingman Stabilized Ring

    This is the color of blue just before it turns pure white. It is as bright as the clearest days, and brilliant even from a distance. This is Kingman stabilized turquoise, with an almost pure blue field, and some faint touches of light tan matrix passing through. It has been set on an antiqued medium weight silver band with raised pyramids and discs, which you can see from several angles by opening the small images.

    Ring size- 11.5

    Stone size- 12x16

    Bandwidth- 5/8” to ¼”

    *One of a Kind!

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