Kingman Stabilized Set

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  • Kingman Stabilized SetKingman Stabilized SetKingman Stabilized SetKingman Stabilized Set


    Price: $899.00

    Size: Details Below

    Stone: Kingman Stabilized

    Artist: Ruth-Ann-Begay

    Kingman Stabilized Set

    A necklace and earring set made entirely with stones of Kingman stabilized, beginning with the large rounded square of the tenant, firmly in the lock-like grasp of a hefty frame, made with the brightly polished sterling silver, complete with spheres for added bright beauty. All three stones in this set feature and bright aqua backfield with islands of light tan mineral matrix. Open the small images to see both necklace of Kingman stabilized beads all around and the matching earrings.

    Necklace length- 17”

    Bead size- 8mm round

    Pendant size- 1 3/8” x 1 ¾”

    Pendant stone size- 24x28mm

    Earring dangle- 1 7/8”

    Earring size- ½” x 1”

    Earring stone size- 9x18mm

    *One of a Kind!

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