High Grade Natural Ithaca Peak KIngman Pendant

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  • NAT-IPKING-RB-619-1D50

    Price: $619.00

    Size: Details Below

    Stone: High Grade Ithaca Peak KIngman

    Artist: Ruth-Ann-Begay

    High Grade Natural Ithaca Peak KIngman Pendant

    Natural Ithaca Peak Kingman is some of the highest grade turquoise available, as is evidenced by this irregular-cut stone which fits so perfectly into this sterling silver pendant, with its sturdy kite-shaped bale piece, and a lower array of tiny silver spheres. As for the stone itself, it features a brilliant blue backfield with white flecks, dark veins predominant on the left . . . and a nice evenly scattered display of silvery pyrite mineral matrix.

    Pendant size- ¾” x 1 ¾”

    Stone size- 16x23mm

    *One of a Kind!

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