Denim Lapis Ring

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  • Denim Lapis RingDenim Lapis Ring


    Price: $96.00

    Size: 7

    Stone: Denim Lapis

    Artist: Ruth-Ann-Begay

    Denim Lapis Ring

    A rather complex stone of Denim Lapis featuring quite a range of color from those blotches of deep midnight blur to that prominent patch of near white, with lots of light blue in between and lots of star spangled twinkling mineral matrix specks scattered all over. The stone is framed in a thick rail of sterling silver and is attached to a split rail lightweight band, which can be seen from the sides by opening the small images. *NWS

    Ring size- 7

    Stone size- 8x20mm

    Bandwidth- 1/8” to 1/16”

    *One of a Kind!

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