Carico Lake Necklace with Natural Fox Turquoise Pendant

Talk about rough and tumble, this necklace is it! Nuggets of Natural Carico Lake turquoise mix with Natural Fox turquoise stones in a dramatic and natural display of randomness! It’s an eye-catching combination. Necklace Length: 20″ Pendant Size: 32 x 88mm Stone Sizes (top to bottom): Left: 18 x 15mm, Right: 18 x 16mm, 7 […]

Natural Carico Lake Turquoise Earrings

A natural chartreuse, Carico Lake turquoise has always been an interesting and wonderous stone for those who have fallen in love with it. It’s wonderful that Mother Nature made it happen! The silver loops orbit these earrings into another realm, beauty. *NWS Earring Size: 30mm x 14mm Stone Size: 9 x 6mm *One-of-a-Kind!

Boulder Carico Lake Turquoise Dangles

Reminiscent of stained-glass windows, rich in scenes from Nature with trees and leaves, these earrings are a delight to look at and study! Even better just to wear them. Twist rope and raindrops complete the look. *NWS Earring Length: 29mm, Width: 10mm Stone Length: 11mm,  Width: 8mm *One of a Kind  

Natural Boulder Carico Lake Dragonfly Pin

Wow, a glittering Natural Boulder Carico Lake Dragonfly pin!  Boulder Carico Lake turquoise takes its name from the high content of host rock.  This stone, at the heart of the dragonfly, is rich, creamy, mint green with rusty dark brown matrix.  Take your time and examine all the hand-crafted silver work that makes this dragonfly […]

Natural Carico Lake Bracelet

You will treasure this striking Natural Carico Lake bracelet!  The stone is that delightful light bright Carico Lake green with touches and veins of deeper Kelly green, all traversed by sandy-colored matrix.  Bryant shaped the bold, sparkling band with a hand saw-cut edge to finish off the hand-stamped feather pattern accentuating the entire band. Bracelet […]

Natural Carico Lake Ring

Delight in this bright Natural Carico Lake ring!  The uniquely-shaped Natural Carico Lake stone is bright lime green with rich green veins, sparks of bright blue, and fascinating infusions of sienna matrix.  The shining silver band has sparkling silver twist wire down the center ending in multiple wraps on either side of the stone. Ring […]

Carico Lake

Carico Lake turquoise is known for its clear, iridescent, spring green color which is due to its zinc and copper content. Carico Lake stones can also display a dark blue-green color with a black spider web matrix. Recent finds are producing many new blue tones with even, black matrix. The colors and scarcity of Carico […]

Natural Carico Lake Ring

Look closely at the stones in this Natural Carico Lake ring.  The Natural Carico Lake stones vary in shade from bright green to palest mint and have light sienna matrix as well as deep dark chocolate-colored matrix!  What a delight to have collected all in one piece.  The wide band, hand-stamped with stars, tapers to […]

Natural Carico Lake & Dry Creek Pendant

Examine this intricately inlaid Natural Carico Lake & Dry Creek pendant.  In a lovely medley of light green shades, the Natural Carico Lake stone form the body of this pendant.  Then inlaid in an X across the pendant are two thin stripes of white and sky blue Natural Dry Creek, for a subtly beautiful look. […]

Natural Carico Lake Earrings

These elegant Natural Carico Lake earrings are delicately pieced together.  Small geometric pieces of Natural Carico Lake stone are artfully fitted together in a gentle arc on sterling silver rectangular frame.  The stone is in shades of light green chiffon to spring green with touches of matrix. Overall Earring Size- 5/16″w x 5/8″h Stone Area- […]