Natural Number 8 Pendant

Bryant set this long, slim Natural Number 8 stone in a sparkling frame of silver.  The powder blue stone, crackling with golden matrix, is wrapped in silver twist wire and finished with a wrap of shining silver bead wire – a dazzling pendant that calls the eye to this distinctive stone. Overall Pendant Size- 9/16″w […]

Natural Number 8 Pendant

Collect this sweetheart Natural Number 8 pendant.  The stone, cut in a wide, rounded triangle, is reminiscent of a full heart.  The pale, powder blue at top and bottom grows lighter across the middle, fading almost to arctic ice on the left edge of this Natural Number 8 stone.  Rich brown matrix provides an eye-catching […]

Number 8

The Number 8 turquoise mine in Carlin, Nevada was first mined in 1929. In its prime, Number 8 produced some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever found. A spider web matrix of colors ranging from golden brown to black set off the unique bright powder blue background. Of the ten claims in a 20-acre […]

Natural Number 8 Ring

This Natural Number 8 ring is a delight!  The trapezoid of classic pale blue Number 8 stone is shot through with golden sienna matrix.  With a wrap of silver rope braid, the stone is flanked by 2 handmade silver droplets and rests on a band bordered with sparkling rope braid. Ring Size- 7.25 Band Width- […]

Natural Number 8 Earrings

Enjoy the artistry of these Natural Number 8 earrings.  You will have to look closely to see that the round earrings are actually made of inlaid pieces of Natural Number 8 turquoise in delicate shades of robin’s egg blue with golden sienna matrix.  Delicate and fascinating works of art! Overall Earring Size- 9/16″ diameter *One […]

Natural Number 8 Bracelet

Add this stunning Natural No. 8 bracelet to your collection.  The central piece is a large oval high-cut Natural No.8 stone that is magnificent.  It is a delicate robin’s egg blue webbed with a shade darker blue and golden matrix. This bracelet is unique for the stone alone, but the Enditos silver work completes the […]

Natural Number 8 Bracelet

Treasure this Natural Number 8 bracelet.  The stone at the center could have come from a pirate’s hoard.  The delicate robin’s egg blue of the Natural Number 8 stone is criss-crossed with darker blue veins and golden sienna matrix.  Sparkling silver rope braid runs down the center of the band, wrapping the band on either […]

Natural Number 8 Pendant

A romantic beauty, you will love this Natural Number 8 pendant.  The stone is an intriguing pale robin’s egg blue webbed with fine veins of golden matrix nestled in wider veins of bright turquoise color that criss-cross the whole stone.  Larger infusions of the host rock accent the Natural Number 8 stone with their golden […]

Natural Number 8 Studs

Treasure these Natural Number 8 studs.  All four match beautifully in color, while each exhibiting it’s own character.  The very pale blue of each stone has veins of brighter aqua – like deeper water – along its black matrix. Stone Size- 6 mm diameter *One of a Kind!

Natural Number 8 & Blue Topaz Ring

The light of the ocean shines in this delicate three-stone ring.  The Natural Number 8 Turquoise stone in the center sets the mood with its light aqua color and golden matrix.  The Blue Topaz stones above and below the Number 8 add light and sparkle.  Each stone is flanked by a handmade silver droplet that […]