Natural High Lonesome Zia Pendant

A turquoise from southern NM, High Lonesome, and the Zia symbol from Zia Pueblo, NM, certainly New Mexico True! and a great combination. By Bryant Martinez. Size: 1 5/8 x 1/5/8 Loop: 4 mm Stone: 9 x 12 mm *One-of-a-Kind! *NWS

Natural High Lonesome Turquoise Earrings

A native to New Mexico, the High Lonesome turquoise mine produced many shades of green from this lovely pale shade to a deep khaki color. Length: 1 5/8″ Stones: 11 x 14 mm *One-of-a-Kind!

Natural High Lonesome Turquoise Ring

Behold a natural New Mexico turquoise, High Lonesome, set atop a beautifully hand-tooled and scalloped shank. Size: 8.5 Stone: 9 x 12 mm Shank: 1/2″ to 1/4″ *One-of-a-Kind!

Natural High Lonesome Turquoise Ring

A beautiful mossy green High Lonesome turquoise with tiny black pepper-like specks, set atop three bands with flat raindrops. It is elegant in its simplicity. Size- 9 1/4 Setting- 11/16″ x 1″ Band- 5/8″ to 1/4′ Stone- 11 x 23 mm *One of a kind!

High Lonesome

In the rugged foothills of southern New Mexico in the lower Hatchet Mountain range, you will find a very rough and beautiful place full of endless hills of Century plants. Here you will find the now obsolete High Lonesome Turquoise Mine. High Lonesome, the name painted on a watering tank, is quite appropriate to the […]

Natural Mixed Pendant

A pendulum of three mines are displayed together here. Fox sits above three variations of Royston with a teardrop of High Lonesome below. Pendant size- 1 1/4″ x 2″ with the bail Top Fox stone size- 13x20m Three middle Royston stone sizes- 11x20mm, 11x13mm, and 7x9mm Bottom High Lonesome stone size- 9x17mm *One of a […]

Natural Mixed Pendant

A collection of natural turquoise mines from Nevada, New Mexico and Persia. Pendant size- 3/4″ x 1 7/8″ with the bail Top left Battle Mountain stone size- 8x12mm Top right Persian stone size- 8x11mm Top center High Lonesome stone size- 9x20mm Bottom right High Lonesome stone size- 8x9mm Bottom left Crow Spring stone size- 9x10mm […]

About Us

About Us      Silver Sun was founded in 1976 when Deanna Olson and Cheryl Ingram hit the road in a borrowed truck with three showcases of the best Native American jewelry that $5,000 of retirement money could buy. After three years of traveling sales, the two retired school teachers opened the Silver Sun Gallery […]