Natural Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet

Five natural Bisbee stones show off some of the “Smokey” quality you will find in this particular turquoise. Also present is the distinguishing burnt umber color found throughout. These stones are set atop nice silver wire work. Size: 5 1/8″ (13cm) Width: 3/8″ Stones: 5×6, 10×11, 10×12, 19×9, 4×6 mm *One-of-a-Kind!  

Natural Bisbee Turquoise Ring with Crosses

Not the traditional crosses but Spider Woman Crosses! She is one who taught the Navajo how to weave and bade them to spread the “Beauty Way”.  The natural Bisbee turquoise is hefty and classic, a handsome ring created by Harold Becenti. Ring Size: 5 3/4 Band Width: 7-10mm Setting: 15 x 12mm Stone Size: 11 […]

Natural Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet

Bisbee turquoise is one of the more famous and one of the oldest known mines in America. Bisbee matrix is brown to an unusual reddish brown which makes this turquoise easy to identify. Three such stones sit atop an antiqued shank with fine silver work. Size: 5 1/4″ (13.5cm) Shank: 15 to 6 mm Stone […]

Natural Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet

Five cloudy Bisbee turquoise stones are set in an antiqued, traditional shank of raindrops and twist ropes. Each turquoise stone is unique in its cloudiness, think partly or overcast skies. One of the last works of Randy Endito with Etta. Shank- 5 1/5″ , tapered 3/4″ to 3/8″ Setting- 3/4″ to 2 3/4″ Stones- 12 […]

Natural Bisbee Turquoise Ring

Nature’s splendid scenery comes in all sizes and forms, what do you see? This Bisbee turquoise offers so much in a tiny stone with its striking blue and classic reddish brown matrix. The silverwork with star bursts celebrate the uniqueness of this ring. *NWS Size- 7 3/4 Tapered Band- 5/8″ to 3/8″ Stone- 10 mm […]

Natural Bisbee Turquoise Ring

Four bands with raindrops hold up two classic Bisbee turquoise stones, they beg you to take notice. Size- 9 Setting- 1/2″ x 15/16″ Band- 5/8″ to 3/16″ Stones- 4 x 10 mm & 4 x 7 mm *One of a kind!

Natural Bisbee Pendant

Snap up this rich specimen of Natural Bisbee turquoise!  The gently curving, rounded stone makes one think of a light foot- or paw-print.  The stone shows off that bright Natural Bisbee blue with infusions of deep reddish-brown matrix – the colors that typify classic Bisbee.  Be sure to look at the extra images to get […]

Natural Bisbee Ring

Collect a beautiful specimen of Natural Bisbee in the form of this ring.  Bright blue with lots of Bisbee’s signature smoky, reddish-brown matrix, this stone is special.  Sparkling silver twist wire is wrapped several times on either side of the stone and then continues around the band. Ring Size- 6 Band Width- 3/16″ Stone Size- […]

Natural Bisbee Bracelet

Add this unusual Natural Bisbee bracelet to your collection.  The uniquely-shaped Natural Bisbee stone has a swath of light blue turquoise surrounded by the signature Bisbee rich reddish-brown matrix.  The band has sparkling silver rope braid down the middle of its length and wrapping the band on either side of the stone. Bracelet Size- 5.5 […]

Natural Bisbee Necklace

Be charmed by this Natural Bisbee necklace.  The Natural Bisbee stones are bright Bisbee blue with dark charcoal matrix.  A circle of twist wire forms the antiqued pendant handmade by Ruth Ann Begay, with handmade silver droplets and a handmade silver rosette resting at the base of the ring.  The Natural Bisbee stones dangle from […]