Natural Ma’Anshan and Campitos Bead Necklace

The pendant, a brilliant blue with matrix like islands in the ocean. Complimentary Campitos beads with quartz matrix. Necklace- 18 3/4″, 7 to 5 mm Pendant- 1″ x 1 3/4″ Stone- 20 x 27 mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Ma’anshan Pendant

Collect this Natural Ma’Anshan pendant.  The hi-cut Natural Ma’Anshan stone is a delicate robin’s egg blue with fine aqua veins and touches of sienna and golden sienna matrix.  The stone is draped with sparkling silver twist wire and finished at the base with graduated handmade silver droplets and a handmade silver rosette.  The wide bale […]

Natural Ma’anshan Bracelet

Collect this stunning, modern Natural Ma’anshan bracelet.  The very large, oval Natural Ma’anshan stone is a delectable teal with light and dark mottling to it and rich with golden sienna matrix.  The stone speaks for itself.  So, the only other feature is the sleek triple-band that spreads wide to meet the stone, with a handmade […]


The Ma’anshan mine, located near Nanjing & Shanghai, is a lovely turquoise from China. This is Chinese turquoise most like American turquoise from Nevada (Royston) and Arizona (Kingman & Morenci). Twelve years ago I walked into a booth at the Tucson Rock Gem & Mineral show and saw what looked like nice “blue” Morenci in […]

Natural Ma’anshan Pendant

Immerse yourself in the depths of this Natural Ma’anshan pendant.  Sage green with inclusions and flecks of lighter sage, the stone is highlighted with golden and burnt sienna matrix. The setting is surrounded with sparkling twist wire and the base of the pendant is adorned with a triangular silver fan, curlicue silver wire figure eights […]

Natural Ma’anshan Pendant on Chain

Fine Ma’anshan turquoise from South Western China, here teaches us why it is called the Skystone. This pendant has a near black host rock and deep shine. Chain length- 18″Pendant size- 3/8″ x 1 1/8″Stone size- 7x18mm*One of a Kind*NWS

Natural Ma’anshan Ring

This natural Ma’anshan turquoise has a bright aqua backfield with islands of light brown and white mineral matrix. This beautiful stone is framed tiny spears. Ring size-7 Stone size-9.x16mm Bandwidth-1/4″ to 1/8″ *One of a Kind!

Natural Ma’anshan Earrings

Irregular-cut stones aqua-colored stones of Ma’anshan turquoise, with olive hues mixed into the backfield, and both with an overlay of islands of tan matrix, and both attached to hoops of sterling silver. Earring dangles 1 ¾” with French wire Earring size- ½” x 1 ¼” Stone size- 10x13mm One of a Kind!

Natural Ma’anshan Ring

Ma’anshan is a high quality turquoise, as can be easily seen in this bold oval-cut stone with a concentration of darker mineral matrix at on end, sprinkled with flecks of iron pyrite. The stone is securely framed in sterling silver rope braid and mounted onto a lightweight two-split sterling silver band, which can be seen […]

Natural Ma’anshan Necklace

Here is a beautiful departure from the ho-hum necklace of the everyday world. This exquisite beauty features its central stone of Ma’anshan turquoise, a complete spectacle in itself with its bright blue field and its heirloom quality setting of antique finished sterling silver, with covering leaves, rope braid trim and swirls and dots of raised […]