Natural Morenci Turquoise Dragonfly Pendant

The Dragonfly is a spiritual symbol and a revered insect in many Native American cultures. With the help of the beautiful, blue Morenci Sky Stone on it’s back, this pendant will surely bring only good. *NWS Pendant Size: 57 x 34mm Stone Size: 9 x 11mm *One-of-a-Kind!

Natural Morenci Turquoise Ring

A beautiful blue Morenci turquoise is peppered with tiny specks of iron pyrite. Three petaled, antiqued flowers create a wonderful drape over the finger. *NWS Size: 9 Setting: 12 x 22 mm Stone: 9 x 11 mm Shank: tapers 10 mm to 3 mm *One of a Kind!

Morenci Stabilized Turquoise Pendant

Collected from a lunch bucket stash, this Morenci turquoise stone dates from the 80’s. What lunch and whose bucket, it’s unknown. What is known is this beautiful turquoise is rare, even when stabilized. One of the few last pieces made by Randy Endito with Etta. The traditional and detailed silver workmanship is testament to the […]

Natural Morenci Pendant

Fall under the spell of this Natural Morenci and Silver Peyote Bird pendant.  The oval Natural Morenci stone at the bird’s heart is a rich blue with abundant sienna matrix.  Bryant’s beautiful and delicate hand stamping decorates the bird with fine details on the body, wings, and tail. Overall Size- 1  5/8″w x 2  5/8″h […]


The Morenci turquoise mine produced a turquoise that is light to bright blue in hue. This stone has an unusual matrix of irregular quartz and pyrite that, when polished, often resembles silver. Also, a small amount of Morenci turquoise had some brownish matrix called “Morenci red matrix”. One of the first American turquoises to come […]

Natural Morenci Pendant

Delight in this teardrop Natural Morenci pendant.  Abundant dark brown matrix contrasts beautifully with the deep aqua and robin’s egg blue highlights of the Natural Morenci stone.  The simple setting topped with a handmade silver droplet and slim double loop bale are the perfect finishing touches to this lovely pendant. Overall Size- 1/2″w x 7/8″h […]

Natural Morenci Ring

This Natural Morenci stone features deep blue color with reddish-brown matrix.  Surrounded by fans and accented with handmade silver droplets, this ring is enhanced with silver stamping above and below the stone. Ring size- 8.25Stone size- 9x8mmBandwidth- 3/4″ to 1/4″ *One of a Kind!

Natural Morenci Pendant

The central feature of this pendant is its irregular-cut stone of natural Morenci turquoise, with its majority blue backfield, and one prominent island of dark grey mineral matrix. The stone is set firmly on a hand-tooled shield of brushed sterling silver. Pendant size- 1” round Stone size- 9x12mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Morenci Bolo & Buckle Set

A matching bolo and buckle set made with stones of Natural Morenci. The bolo slide stone has a vivid light blue backfield, with a prominent island of pyrite matrix and scattered light and dark flecks all throughout. The buckle stone is irregular-cut, also with prominent islands of dark brown mineral matrix mixed with light grey. […]

Natural Morenci Earrings

Shine with these sleek Natural Morenci earrings.  The unique Natural Morenci stones display robin’s egg blue with a spider-webbing of brighter sky blue and touches of shining pyrite.  The stones are nestled in scalloped edged silver for a delicate touch that echoes the spider-webbing. Overall Earring Size- 1/2″w x 5/8″h Stone Size- 12×15 mm *One […]