Natural Royston Turquoise Pendant on Kingman Stabilized Beads

Kingman Stabilized Turquoise Bead Necklace with Natural Royston Turquoise Pendant by Ruth Ann Begay. Necklace Length: 17 3/4″ Pendant: 72 x 19mm Stone Sizes (top to bottom): 16 x 18mm, 18 x 13mm, 18 x 14mm Bead Size: 3 x 6mm

Natural Royston Pendant on Natural Fox Bead Necklace

Long and elegant, this combination of stones and colors belong together, naturally. The roughness of the Fox nuggets are tamed by the elongated, sleek Royston pendant that swings from between two stones. Length: 25″ Pendant Length: 78mm Pendant Width: 14mm Stone Sizes (top to bottom): 22 x 11mm, 7 x 12mm, 30 x 10mm *One-of-a-Kind!

Natural Royston Ring

Natural Royston turquoise ring by Ruth Ann Begay Ring Size: 7 3/4 Band Width: 4mm Band Thickness: 2mm Setting (L x W): 23mm x 17mm Stone Size (L x W): 15mm x 11mm

Men’s Natural Royston Ring

Beautiful Natural Royston Turquoise Ring by Ruth Ann Begay Ring Size: 10 1/4 Band Width: 5mm Band Thickness: 2mm Setting: 24mm x 16mm Stone Size: 19mm x 12mm

Natural Royston Traditional Tab Necklace

Natural Royston Tab necklace. Rough and tumbled, this necklace certainly feels like a it just came out of the hills in NV. The necklace is finished with natural Clam Shell Heishe. Click on the second photo for a glimpse of what might be worn on a “Pueblo Feast Day”. Length: 26″ Tabs: ~10 x 35 […]

Natural Royston Turquoise Ring

Brown and gold matrices web through the pale, teal blue Royston turquoise in this lovely, simple ring. *NWS Size: 8 Shank Tapers: 12 to 4 mm Stone: 9 x 21 mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Royston Turquoise Pendant

This pendant design inspired a poem, “Homage to Prayer”. It is a Homage to the Pueblo Prayer staff used during the Annual Corn Dance in the Pueblos along the Rio Grande.  The natural Royston turquoise stone is spotted in rust with dabs, blots and variations in green. It’s a pleasure to study the patterns. Beads […]

Natural Royston Turquoise Ring

Size- 8 Band- 7/16″ to 1/4″ Stone-13 x 15 mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Royston on Fox Beads

There are so many shades of green, this one is hard to color. Or, is it blue? The depth and richness in this necklace is mesmerizing. The shape of the stone makes its own personality. Pendant- 2 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ Stones- 36 x 19 mm, Dangles 17 x 10 mm & 22 x 10 […]

Natural Royston on Faceted Kingman Beads, 5 Strand Necklace

The turquoise stone so unusual in color, this Royston is reminiscent of the Milky Way. The facets in the beads add to the sparkle, like the night sky. The silver loops and beading only add to the out-of-this-world character in this stunning necklace. Pendant- 1 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ Stones- 35 x 25 mm, Dangles […]