Coral & Natural Tyrone Bracelet

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  • Coral & Natural Tyrone BraceletCoral & Natural Tyrone BraceletCoral & Natural Tyrone Bracelet


    Price: $379.00

    Size: Details Below

    Stone: Natural-Tyrone

    Artist: Ruth-Ann-Begay

    Coral & Natural Tyrone Bracelet
    Look at how the stones compliment one another in this Coral & Natural Tyrone bracelet.  The central Natural Tyrone stone is in shades of robin's egg and sky blue.  The burning red of the Coral on either side bring out the burnt sienna and rusty brown matrix of the Natural Tyrone stone.  Each piece is wrapped in silver twist wire and punctuated with handmade silver droplets to glitter and sparkle as you move.  The double band is finished with a handmade silver rosette at either end.

    Bracelet Size- 5.5
    Band Width- 3/16"
    Stone Size- 8x5 mm, 7x6 mm, 9x9 mm
    *One of a Kind!
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