Kingman Stabilized Bracelet

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  • Kingman Stabilized BraceletKingman Stabilized Bracelet


    Price: $399.00

    Size: 5.25

    Stone: Kingman-Stabilized

    Artist: Victor Begay

    Kingman Stabilized Bracelet
    Gaze into the robin's egg blue of the Kingman Stabilized stone in this bracelet and you'll see delicate infusions of lighter and darker blue, as well as touches of the burnt sienna matrix.  The stone is surrounded by twist wire and accented with four small handmade silver droplets.  Two eye-shaped bump-outs flank the stone, each punctuated by a larger silver droplet lightly stamped for depth.  The band, with its hand-stamped track in the center, splits at the bump-outs to surround the stone.

    Bracelet Size- 5.25
    Stone Size- 12.5 x 17 mm
    Band Width- 13/16" to 11/32"
    *One of a Kind!
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