Petrified Palm Earrings

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  • PETPALM-RB-139-1E76

    Price: $139.00

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    Stone: Petrified-Palm

    Artist: Ruth-Ann-Begay

    Petrified Palm Earrings
    These Petrified Palm earrings are a piece of ancient history you can own and display every day.  Actually fossilized palm wood, Petrified Palm "stone" is a fossil.  Rod-like structures in the original palm wood, generate the rust and deep brown speckles in these honey-colored stones.  Depending on how the fossil is cut, the rod-like structures can appear as tapering rods or lines or spots.  Examine the enlarged photograph and find these different shapes.  These are truly one-of-a-kind earrings!

    Overall Size- 13/16"w x 13/16"h
    Stone Size- 17x17 mm
    *One of a Kind!
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