Lapis & Azurite Ring

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  • Lapis & Azurite RingLapis & Azurite Ring


    Price: $219.00

    Size: 8.25-adjustable

    Stone: Lapis

    Artist: Bryant-Martinez

    Lapis & Azurite Ring
    Be bewitched by this Lapis & Azurite ring.  The oval, rich blue Lapis stone tucks into the curve of the uniquely apostrophe-shaped Azurite stone.  The multiple shades of deep blue in the Azurite, perfectly complementing the Lapis stone, are highlighted by touches of green and gold.  These blues and the nesting shapes of the two stones cast a spell you'll want to fall under.

    Ring Size- 8.25 adjustable
    Band Width- 3/32"
    Stone Size- 10x8 mm, 20x10 mm
    *One of a Kind!
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