Natural Kingman Ring

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  • Natural Kingman RingNatural Kingman Ring


    Price: $249.00

    Size: 10

    Stone: Kingman

    Artist: Randy-and-Etta-Endito

    Natural Kingman Ring

    This slightly oval-cut stone of natural Kingman is almost all blue field . . . but not quite. We have to deal with that solid chunk of grey matrix there on the left. No problem. It’s what gives turquoise its real character. The stone has been set in a field of tiny silver spheres, droplets and rope braid trim, firmly mounted on a cylindrical tangent plane medium-weight sterling silver band. You can see for yourself by opening the small images.

    Ring size- 10

    Stone size- 7x8mm

    Bandwidth- ½” to ¼”

    *One of a Kind!

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