Natural Carico Lake Ring


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  • Natural Carico Lake RingNatural Carico Lake RingNatural Carico Lake RingNatural Carico Lake Ring
    Natural Carico Lake Ring


    Price: $449.00

    Size: Size-7.5

    Stone: Natural-Carico-Lake

    Artist: Bryant-Martinez

    Natural Carico Lake Ring
    Look closely at the stones in this Natural Carico Lake ring.  The Natural Carico Lake stones vary in shade from bright green to palest mint and have light sienna matrix as well as deep dark chocolate-colored matrix!  What a delight to have collected all in one piece.  The wide band, hand-stamped with stars, tapers to narrow at the back.  The stones are punctuated by handmade silver disks.

    Ring Size- 7.5
    Band Width- 1  1/16" to 1/4"
    Stone Size- 6x11 mm, 7 mm diameter
    *One of a Kind!
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