Natural Royston Ring

Collect this elegant Natural Royston ring.  The round Natural Royston stone looks like an exotic planet with forest green clouds and swirls of rusty and golden brown matrix on a pale mint green field.  The setting is wrapped with sparkling silver rope braid.  The shining, wide, tapered band is hand-stamped with a simple geometric pattern, […]

Natural Royston Ring

The Royston stone has been mounted on a brightly polished sterling silver band, but not before a border of tiny silver spheres was added for extra brilliance. Open the two small images to see the side views. Ring size- 10 Adjustable 1 size up or down Stone size- 18x22mm Bandwidth- 5/16” to 3/16” *One of […]


Royston is a turquoise mine located within the Royston District near Tonepah, Nevada. The Royston District consists of several mines including Royston, Royal Blue, Oscar Wehrend and Bunker Hill. The mines in this district were discovered as early as 1902; in fact, Royston is the oldest patented mine in Nevada. While Royston is considered an […]

Natural Royston and Kingman Stabilized Set

This set features a stunning Natural Royston pendant on a necklace of Kingman Stabilized beads with a pair of matching Kingman Stabilized bead earrings (see additional view).  The necklace has two beautiful Natural Royston stones linked to dangle as you move.  The 16-inch string of Kingman Stabilized beads (with adjustable 2-inch chain) perfectly matches the […]

Natural Royston Pin

An elongated oval-cut stone of natural Royston turquoise with all the qualities of the great art that Nature provides in mineral gemstones – a bright blue backfield, with a large overlay of deep green and surface islands of light and dark brown mineral matrix. This superb stone has been framed with an embracing curve of […]

Natural Royston Pendant

A square-cut stone of natural Royston with a majority pale blue backfield, and one large intrusion of reddish-brown mineral matrix there at the bottom. Pendant size- 1 1/8” x 1 ½” Stone size- 23x23mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Royston & Kingman Stabilized Bracelet

Five stone bracelet – one large oval-cut stone of Kingman stabilized turquoise in the center, flanked by two trapezoidal-cut stones and two smaller outer ovals—all four additional stones are natural Royston turquoise, and all are mounted on a lightweight band of sterling silver with its middle channel of rope braid. Open the small images to […]

Natural Royston Ring

A lucky find ! This stone just happens to be cut to show us the cusp between two different geological processes occurred next to each other, resulting in this distinct line between the forces that cause half of this stone to show up as dark green dividing two variations of a lighter blue, with blotches […]

Natural Royston Earrings

Irregular cut stones of aqua-colored Royston turquoise, surrounded with tiny silver spheres . . . a simple lightweight accessory for the ear. Earrings dangles 1 ¼” with French wire Earring size- ¾” x 5/8” Stone size- 14x9mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Royston Ring

Two stones of Royston turquoise, dissimilar yet related, showing us how much mineral gemstones from the same mine can vary in color and pattern. This ring is fashioned for a life time of comparison, designed in a corkscrew configuration which can be adjusted for any finger. There are several views, so please open the small […]