Natural Royston & Kingman Stabilized Bracelet

Five stone bracelet – one large oval-cut stone of Kingman stabilized turquoise in the center, flanked by two trapezoidal-cut stones and two smaller outer ovals—all four additional stones are natural Royston turquoise, and all are mounted on a lightweight band of sterling silver with its middle channel of rope braid. Open the small images to […]

Natural Royston Ring

A lucky find ! This stone just happens to be cut to show us the cusp between two different geological processes occurred next to each other, resulting in this distinct line between the forces that cause half of this stone to show up as dark green dividing two variations of a lighter blue, with blotches […]

Natural Royston Earrings

Irregular cut stones of aqua-colored Royston turquoise, surrounded with tiny silver spheres . . . a simple lightweight accessory for the ear. Earrings dangles 1 ¼” with French wire Earring size- ¾” x 5/8” Stone size- 14x9mm *One of a Kind!

Natural Royston Ring

Two stones of Royston turquoise, dissimilar yet related, showing us how much mineral gemstones from the same mine can vary in color and pattern. This ring is fashioned for a life time of comparison, designed in a corkscrew configuration which can be adjusted for any finger. There are several views, so please open the small […]

Natural Royston Pendant

Collect this fascinating Natural Royston pendant.  The large Natural Royston stone is a deep teal blue with rich chocolate brown matrix interspersed with white crystals.  The teardrop stone is set in a silver corn design with silver wire husk and silver bead wire corn kernals, accented at the base with a handmade silver rosette. Overall […]

Natural Royston & Cerrillos Bracelet

Explore the depths of this Natural Royston & Cerrillos bracelet.  Beautifully matched in color, all three stones are shades of forest and olive green rich with deep brown matrix and veins of golden matrix.  The Natural Royston stones on either side complement the triangular center stone of Natural Cerrillos that adds some lighter green shades […]


The Ma’anshan mine, located near Nanjing & Shanghai, is a lovely turquoise from China. This is Chinese turquoise most like American turquoise from Nevada (Royston) and Arizona (Kingman & Morenci). Twelve years ago I walked into a booth at the Tucson Rock Gem & Mineral show and saw what looked like nice “blue” Morenci in […]

Crow Springs

Crow Springs, also known as AnnJax or Bluebird, is located near Tonopah, Nevada and 27 miles, as the crow flies, from the Royston turquoise mine. For 12 years, this rare stone was not been available. 3 years ago, Dennis and Lucy Cordova took it over and began mining it again. The Smith family previously owned […]

Natural Mixed Pendant

A pendulum of three mines are displayed together here. Fox sits above three variations of Royston with a teardrop of High Lonesome below. Pendant size- 1 1/4″ x 2″ with the bail Top Fox stone size- 13x20m Three middle Royston stone sizes- 11x20mm, 11x13mm, and 7x9mm Bottom High Lonesome stone size- 9x17mm *One of a […]

About Us

About Us      Silver Sun was founded in 1976 when Deanna Olson and Cheryl Ingram hit the road in a borrowed truck with three showcases of the best Native American jewelry that $5,000 of retirement money could buy. After three years of traveling sales, the two retired school teachers opened the Silver Sun Gallery […]