Charoite Earrings


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Certified New Mexico True


Get these delightfully simple Charoite earrings for your collection today!  Handcrafted by Bryant Martinez, Navajo, the sterling silver square backdrop has a gentle bump-out.  The pattern of small circles hand-stamped into the silver echoes the shape of the round Charoite stone at center.  Charoite, found only along the Charo River in Russia, comes in shades of purple and pink.  These stones are lavender with swirls of deeper purple and light, silky violet, giving them a mystical look.

  • NWS
  • Overall Earring Size- 9/16″ square
  • Earrings dangle 1 1/8″ from top of French wire
  • Stone Size- 5 mm diameter
  • One of a Kind!


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