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Melon Shell Heishe Necklace


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Certified New Mexico True


Add a subtle and elegant touch with this 3-strand, Melon Shell Heishe necklace.  The delicate, creamy peach heishe beads were hand-carved and beautifully strung by Marvin Lovato, Santo Domingo.  There is a smooth, supple feel to these strings that you only get with hand-carved beads.  The 32-inch necklace (24″ length of beads, finished with 8″ waxed, braided cord) will grace any outfit with gentle beauty.

Total Necklace Length- 32″ (24″ length of beads finished with 8″ waxed, braided cord)

Heishe Beads- Melon Shell 5 mm diameter

*One of a Kind!


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