Natural Bucket Turquoise Bracelet



Tell the story of this Natural Bucket Turquoise bracelet everywhere you go.  What is “Bucket” turquoise?  The name “Bucket” comes from the way the turquoise was collected by a miner – randomly, bit-by-bit, over time, in a lunch bucket, caught in a pants cuff, absently stuck in a pocket then later tossed together in a bucket.  We guarantee that it is natural turquoise that comes from America, but it is turquoise that we cannot identify the origin of more precisely.  This large sky blue Natural Bucket stone with chocolate matrix is bordered by handmade silver disks that tie the setting to the 4-part split band.  The stone is the show as the light silver band takes a backseat to the turquoise.
Size 5.25
Band Width- 1  1/8″ to 5/16″
Stone Size- 20×36 mm
*One of a Kind!