Natural Carico Lake, Sleeping Beauty, & Spiny Oyster Bracelet


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Certified New Mexico True


Indulge in some eye candy with this Natural Carico Lake, Sleeping Beauty, & Spiny Oyster bracelet!  The central Natural Sleeping Beauty stone is a beautiful clear sky blue just kissed with a touch of golden sienna matrix.  On one side is a slightly smaller stone of Natural Carico Lake in pale green chiffon with a splash of darker green and touches of sienna matrix.  On the other, it is matched by a piece of Spiny Oyster shell in apricot, light and darker rich, brick red shades.   Each stone is surrounded by a wrap of silver twist wire and bounded by handmade silver droplets that add to the sparkle of this delightful bracelet.  The ends of the double band are finished with handmade silver rosettes for a softer, rounded end.
Bracelet Size- 5.25
Band Width- 3/16″
Stone Size- 6×9 mm, 8×6 mm, 8×6 mm
*One of a Kind!