Natural Royston and Kingman Stabilized Set


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This set features a stunning Natural Royston pendant on a necklace of Kingman Stabilized beads with a pair of matching Kingman Stabilized bead earrings (see additional view).  The necklace has two beautiful Natural Royston stones linked to dangle as you move.  The 16-inch string of Kingman Stabilized beads (with adjustable 2-inch chain) perfectly matches the shades in the Natural Royston stones of the pendant.  The two pendant stones fade from deep green to light turquoise with light sienna matrix.  The settings are first surrounded with fine twist wire, then silver bead wire.  A curlicue crown of silver wire, three tiny handmade droplets, and a rosette adorn the top and it is finished at the bottom with a reflection of that crown – slightly larger for the larger stone.  The earrings are three linked beads.  The beads of the necklace and earrings display a harmonious mix of the moods of Natural Royston.

Overall Size- 1″ x 2 11/16″
Stone Size- Large Stone -18 x 25 mm
Stone Size- Small Stone – 12 x 16 mm
Bead Size- 8 mm diameter
*One of a Kind!