Redskin Stabilized Turquoise Bracelet


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Stabilized Redskin turquoise–a more subdued variety with both blue and red showing in the central stone, but in a very muted manner, with little contrast–and the two flanking outer stones are both a nice study in translucent sky blue backfields, with blotches of darker mineral matrix showing on top and slightly beneath the surface. All three stones are set in sterling silver rope braid trim, separated by silver spheres and then all three are securely attached to a three-rail band, with its outer edges fashioned in rope braid. We have provided four additional images for your viewing pleasure. Simply open the small images.

Bracelet size- 5.25

Left stone size- 13x20mm

Middle stone size- 17x30mm

Right stone size- 13x19mm

Bandwidth- 1 ¼” to 7/16”

*One of a Kind!