Natural Morenci Ring

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  • Natural Morenci RingNatural Morenci RingNatural Morenci RingNatural Morenci Ring
    Natural Morenci Ring


    Price: $299.00

    Size: 9

    Stone: Natural-Morenci

    Artist: Bryant-Martinez

    Natural Morenci Ring
    Make a statement with this bold Natural Morenci, 2-stone ring.  Both stones are gently teardrop-shaped, with bases set together in the ring, one pointing up, one down.  The stones are both a rich, deep sky blue with light brown matrix.  Hand-stamped sun's rays on either side of each stone draw the eye to the stones.  A fan of 3 feathers sprouts from the silver droplet on either side of the stones further accenting the stones.  An echo of the two stones is hand-stamped on the band with a repeating pattern like ripples in a pool.

    Ring Size- 9
    Stone Size- 7 x 9 mm and 7 x 8 mm
    Band Width- 25/32" to 5/16"
    *One of a Kind!
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