Natural Kingman Turquoise Nugget Necklace

Natural, soft beads in a warm blue turquoise, these natural Kingman beads are sure to make an impression! Length: 25.5″ Freeform Beads: 6mm to 5 x 11mm

Natural Kingman Feather Buckle

This sterling silver buckle has beenhand-tooled into a highly detailed feather design, complete with a deep bluegreen accent in the form of an oval of Natural Kingman, which you can seeup-close —  along with the obverse side– by opening the small images. Black Webbed Kingman Delbert Vandever Buckle size- 2 5/8” x 3 7/8” Stone […]

Natural Kingman Ring

 A bold and beautiful elongated oval stone of natural Kingman turquoise, with a bright blue backfield speckled with blotches of dark brown mineral matrix, with more subtle white flakes. The stone is framed in sterling silver rope braid and is mounted upon a lightweight triple rail band, which can be seen all around by opening […]

Natural Kingman Pendant

Look closely at this sweet Natural Kingman pendant.  The oval, shades-of-sky-blue Natural Kingman stone is shot through with sienna and burnt sienna matrix.  The stone is wrapped with silver twist wire and rests on a sculpted silver plate, punctuated with handmade silver droplets. Overall Pendant Size- 3/4″w x 1  5/16″h Stone Size- 14×19 mm *One […]

5 Stone Kingman Bracelet

Stunning 5-stone sky blue natural Kingman turquoise bracelet by Nila Johnson, Navajo. Size: 5 1/4″ (13.3cm) Stones: 10×13, 11×17, 15×17, 10×15, 10×14 mm *One-of-a-Kind!


The Kingman mine in northwestern Arizona is the largest turquoise mine in the United States. Kingman blue has become a color standard in the industry. The mine became famous in the 1960s for its rounded bright blue nuggets with black matrix. Few turquoise mines produced nuggets. High grade natural Kingman is highly collectible because of […]