Tribe: Navajo

Bryant was born in To’hajiilee, NM in 1983. He is from the Water Edge (Mom) and Sage Brush (Dad) Clans. Bryant is a self taught silversmith. He has been training himself for about 10 years. His mother, Irene, was a smith, but she quit when he was born. He never got to watch or learn from her. He did inherit her tools, however he wants to learn more about his traditions. He also wants to pass on his talent to the next generation. He now lives in Albuquerque with his seven year old son, Elliot.

He describes his work as “saw cut”, Silver Sun is very pleased to have this young artist who takes pride & satisfaction in his work. When people respond positively to his art, “it makes me feel good inside,” he says. “I love what I do; it feels more like a hobby than work. I am very lucky to be part of the Silver Sun family and honored to be working alongside Etta Endito who has taught me a lot about the art of silversmithing. I have learned to express myself through my work; I’m always looking for a challenge, anything is possible and there are no bad ideas… I have done a few shows with Silver Sun, IACA Fall/Spring markets, Indian Market openings at the Silver Sun Gallery and one year I was honored to participate in the celebration of The Indian Craft Shop’s 75th year in Washington D.C. I got a lot of good feedback from customers and other artists.” He is very intense and fully absorbed when he is creating his art. “Imagination is the start of art,” says Bryant.