Royston is a turquoise mine located within the Royston District near Tonepah, Nevada. The Royston District consists of several mines including Royston, Royal Blue, Oscar Wehrend and Bunker Hill. The mines in this district were discovered as early as 1902; in fact, Royston is the oldest patented mine in Nevada. While Royston is considered an active mine, it is small. Originally a tunnel mine, it is now an open pit. According to one of the current miners, Royston turquoise is known as “grass roots,” which means the best deposits are found within ten feet of the surface.  Royston is a good producer of high quality stones.
Royston turquoise is known for its beautiful deep green to rich light blue colors. These unique color ranges are what make this stone so special. Royston stones are often two-tone, displaying both dark and light green and sometimes blue. Royston has a heavy matrix ranging from dark brown to gold in color. This matrix makes for beautiful combinations with the color variations of the stone. Royston turquoise is considered very collectible and a good investment. Ottesons and several other miners still find a varied amount of Royston.

Royston Fun Facts

  • Royston is the oldest patented mine in Nevada (1902).
  • Royston is an active mine operated by the Otteson family. In 1944 Lynn Otteson and family leased the Royston claim from miner Lee F. Hand, who also worked Blue Gem. His old house still stands at the claim. Lynn Otteson ran the show from 1958 to 1985. Since ’85 Dean & Donna Otteson have owned the mine.
  • You can visit this mine and look for turquoise yourself, “$100 gets you a bucket you can fill.”
  • Located on the Highway 95, half-way between Reno & Las Vegas.