Kingman Stabilized Three Stone Dangle Stud Earrings

The same mine, different hues of turquoise, the Kingman mine produces a huge variety of colors. These earrings capture only a small sample from this very diverse mine. Earring Length: 40mm, Width: 9mm Stone Size(s): -Top: 7mm x 7mm -Middle Diameter: 7mm -Bottom Width: 7mm x Length: 9mm *One of a Kind

Kingman Stabilized Sun Earrings

The Hand-tooling in these discs evoke images of hot flames rising off the Sun’s surface. The Kingman stabilized stones are a classic turquoise color, rich and powerful. *NWS Earring Diamater: 15mm Stone Diameter: 7mm *One of a Kind

Kingman Stabilized Turquoise Stud Earrings

The turquoise in these earrings are a dreamy aqua with clouds of quartz meandering throughout. Raindrops, rosettes, and twist rope make these a classic western look. *NWS Earring Width: 13mm, Length: 12mm Stone Width: 9mm, Length: 7mm *One of a Kind

Kingman Stabilized Turquoise Ring

Size- 6.5 Band- 3/16″ to 1/16″ Silver Work- 1/2″ x 13/16″ Stone- 8 x 21 mm *One of a Kind!

Kingman Stabilized Earrings

These Kingman Stabilized earrings have a simple, yet timeless, design.  A stone of sea-blue-green Kingman Stabilized turquoise with sparks of golden matrix sits at the center of a shining square of sterling silver, hand-stamped with a pattern of flying geese. NWS Overall Earring Size- 11/16″ square Earrings dangle 1 1/4″ from top of French wire […]

Spiny Oyster & Kingman Stabilized Earrings

These Spiny Oyster Shell & Kingman Stabilized earrings feature a series of three rounds linked for maximum dangle.  A large handmade sterling silver rosette dangles from the French wire, followed by an orange chiffon round of Spiny with a smaller round of sea-green Kingman Stabilized showing off Sienna matrix.  Like “surf & turf” specials, Spiny […]

Kingman Stabilized Ring

The large oval Kingman Stabilized stone in this ring is ocean blue with green highlights and golden-brown matrix.  Ruth Ann Begay’s silver work combines a half wrap of simple silver wire and shining handmade silver droplets with a feather design and traditional stamp work. Ring Size- 8.75 Band Width- 1/16″ to /18″ Stone Size- 8.75 mm […]

Kingman Stabilized Ring

Be charmed by this Kingman Stabilized ring.  The oval stone is sea green with infusions of both darker and lighter shades.  Sparkling silver twist wire encircles the stone and a cluster of three hand-sawn, hand-stamped flowers nestles on either side, next to the stone, resting on the slim split silver band. *NWS Ring Size- 6 […]

Kingman Stabilized Ring

Pick up this sweet ring today!  The bright sky blue Kingman Stabilized stone has just the lightest kiss of matrix.  A sparkling handmade silver flower, petals gently cupped around the handmade silver droplet at the center, is poised on either side of the stone. *NWS Ring Size- 5.5 Band Width- 1/16″ Stone Size- 7×9 mm […]

Kingman Stabilized Ring

This handsome Kingman Stabilized Ring, by Bryant Martinez, has a rich deep aqua stone with dashes of golden and bright rusty matrix.  The wide silver band splits into four branches as it meets the stone.  The tall, rectangular Kingman Stabilized stone is flanked by handmade silver spirals, antiqued, like the band, for a timeless look. […]