Meet the Artists

The artists we work with are all Native American.

Silver Sun is a member of the Indian Arts & Crafts Association, and as such, we abide by their Code of Ethics in that ALL of our work is produced by American Indians, and all of their work is handmade. Much of our jewelry is made on-site by our Navajo silversmiths, and we have a large contingent of American Indian artists who do contract work for us off-site.

In addition to traditionally designed Native American jewelry, we are constantly introducing new contemporary designs made with the finest turquoise available in the world today, as well as many other beautiful gemstones, which can be found throughout Our Catalogue.

Click on the image of an artist below for more information about their background.

Thank you for your time and interest in authentic Native American jewelry.

Bryant Martinez
Kathleen Sanchez
Randy & Etta Endito
Rosella Sandoval
Ruth Ann Begay
Shane R Hendren
Marvin & Lillie Lovato